If you are interested in Harry Wubben Flowers or Funny Santini's, we can supply you with a made to order quote. This can be for a short term order or a long term commitment. 

Arrangements can be made for the weight and length of the flowers as well as the packaging. Harry Wubben Flowers has a standard rage of packaging, namely:

- Boxes

- Buckets (with water),


But we can also accommodate your specific wishes. Please let us know within the remarks how you would like the flowers to be packaged.

All transactions will be expedited through FloraHolland Connect. 


If you have any questions or the need for additional information, please contact Harry Wubben at 0031 6 55 17 61 04 or info [at] harrywubben.nl.

Spray Chrysanthemums

Funny Santini