Harry Wubben was born on September 26, 1965 in Rijswijk. His father was a grower and taught him the love for this trade. In 1989 Harry Wubben started as an independent grower, with no affiliation to his father's company. Harry Wubben always has a strong opinion on how things should happen within the company. He knows what he wants and it should happen accordingly.

Next to his company Harry Wubben has another passion! In his spare time he is active as a volunteer at the fire department Haaglanden. Harry Wubben followed several courses within the fire brigade and is now a certified Fire Chief. These courses are also useful within the day-to-day activities in his company.



Harry Wubben Flowers works with a stable team of employees. To complete the daily task a lot of teamwork is necessary. Also the team has a fixed division of tasks in order to organize the work as efficient as possible. This results in a professional and neat delivery of all Funny Santini's and Spray chrysanthemums.